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Europe’s Best frozen fruits and vegetables are sourced worldwide at optimal growing conditions.

Growers are carefully selected based on a number of factors including food safety, quality, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), history, sustainability, transparency and full traceability.  Every product can be traced directly to the farm and field from where it originated.  All of our suppliers must have a grower program in place to ensure compliance is in accordance with GAP or equivalent. The program and adherence is verified and monitored on an ongoing basis by the Nature's Touch Quality Team.  Our co-packers are responsible for monitoring compliance with GAP or equivalent standards for land preparation, water safety, field sanitation, employee hygiene, pesticide spray applications, traceability, training and documentation of all defined standards.  In addition, as a verification of the compliance program, the supplier must have a comprehensive testing program for pesticide residuals and heavy metals ensuring it is completely free of any pesticide residues.  

All of our delicious fruits and vegetables are meticulously graded to ensure we are consistently exceeding quality expectations.

Because we strive to provide the freshest product prior to freezing, we see the natural variations in growing seasons and crops.  However, each product is selected, calibrated, individually quick frozen, mixed, packed and kept at adequate temperature to preserve optimal conditions and characteristics.

The Nature's Touch Quality Team works closely with our co-packers to ensure they meet all food safety and quality requirements.

Each co-packer is GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified, meaning they must pass a comprehensive food safety audit in order to be eligible to handle any of our Europe’s Best product.  In addition, our Quality Team also conducts an internal audit that focuses solely on meeting our Europe’s Best specification.  This allows full transparency as we continue to develop close relationships with our growers, co-packers and brokers.

Finally, Nature's Touch is committed to corporate social responsibility and promoting sustainability.

We continue to look for suppliers that focus on energy efficiency including reducing greenhouse gas emission, waste management and reduction, recycling programs, water management, Health and Safety, Human and Animal Rights and Fair (ethical) Trade.  The next time you bite into a Europe’s Best product, think of the many ways we bring you the freshest fruits and vegetables from farm to fork!