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Fiesta Tiramisu Trifle

Total Time: 30 mins.
Prep Time: 30 mins.
Cook Time: 0 mins.
Serves: 12 servings


625mL (2½ cups) Europe’s Best® Sun Ripe Harvest Peaches, thawed
500mL (2 cups) Europe’s Best Sun Burst Mango, thawed
2 kiwis, peeled, halved and sliced
125mL (1/2 cup) cantaloupe balls, optional
175mL (3/4 cup) Apricot Jam
50mL (1/4 cup) lemon juice
250mL (1 cup) whipping cream
250mL (1 cup) Mascarpone cheese
75mL (1/3 cup) orange juice
50mL (1/4 cup) brown or white sugar
375g (12 oz) store bought pound cake or lemon cake, sliced

50mL (1/4 cup) coarsely chopped pistachios
50mL (1/4 cup) chopped white chocolate


1.  Cut fruit into bite sized pieces and place in medium sized bowl. Add kiwis and cantaloupe if using and gently stir in jam and lemon juice.

2.  In a large bowl or electric mixer, beat cream and Mascarpone cheese until light. Beat in orange juice and sugar.

3.  To assemble, in a large trifle bowl, alternate layers of cake slices, fruit mixture and Mascarpone cream, ending with cream. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate 5 to 6 hours or overnight. Garnish with pistachios and chocolate before serving.



Trifle can be assembled and refrigerated for one day. The longer it stands, the moister it becomes.
For individual servings, assemble trifle in stemmed or dessert glasses