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Fruit and Vegtable Nutrition

Did you know - Frozen Fruit & Vegetables are just as nutritious as Fresh?

Canada’s Food Guide recommends 4 to 10 servings of fruit & vegetables per day.  Nutritionally, ½ cup (125 mL) of Europe’s Best® brand products is equal to 1 fruit or vegetable serving.

Europe’s Best® – Frozen Fruit & Vegetables for your busy lifestyle

Not only are Europe’s Best® frozen fruits and vegetables just as nutritious as fresh, but they reduce spoilage and food waste. By buying frozen, you’ll never be without a healthy option. Try our colourful Zen Garden® mix in a stir fry, or our delicious Chef’s Spinach in a spinach and feta frittata. Create a fusion of delicious fruit flavours in a smoothie: Sun Inspirations combines a delicious mix of perfectly ripened papaya and pineapple chunks mixed with a blend of juicy plum pieces and field strawberries. Add some whole-grain oats, your favourite dairy or non-dairy beverage to our Wild Woodland Blueberries for a filling breakfast smoothie. Use one of our fruit blends in a shortcake or berry pie, or try our unique Super Smoothies for a quick, healthy breakfast. Europe’s Best® frozen produce is precut and prewashed, so the prep work is done. This means you can quickly prepare wholesome and tasty meals, while saving time and reducing waste.

Reference – Health Canada